Grand Canyon West Admission with Optional Helicopter, Boat Ride and Skywalk Upgrades

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Grand Canyon West Admission -No meal

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  • Grand Canyon West
    Feel the local Hualapai tribe of Indian customs and the beautiful scenery of the canyon personally. The native Indians had great respect for nature and the legacy of their ancestors, you will see the original features of the Grand Canyon under the guidance of the aboriginal people, Let you know about the past, present and future of Indian culture. For lunch, you will enjoy authentic Indian roast cooked by local indians. In the Western Canyon Eagle point and Guano point watch the nature of ten thousand years of scouring formation, majestic mountains and valleys have captured the hearts of tourists around the world, Don't worry, there is plenty of time to reserve photo taking for you.

    Eagle Point
    It's 4000 feet from the Colorado river, The Eagle Point is a natural gift for the local Hualapai people. The best viewing spot in this Carved Eagle Peak by nature, You can feel the perfect Canyon scene from the sky and the earth at close range. Said by a the designer of Skywalk, "I love flying eagles in the Grand Canyon. My eyes follow the eagle's tracks, and my body is surrounded by the grand canyon."

    Guano Point
    Guano Point is the most representative mountain peak, different from ordinary flat top, it is like a diamond, with a pointed tip pointing straight into the sky. The Guano Point under the sunset is like a golden pyramid, the winding path of the mountain rock extends into the gorge, like a road to the sky. At the highest point of the mountain you can enjoy the magnificent scene of the Grand Canyon, the kind of day, so the feeling of harmony is wandering in the Colorado plateau in the air."Guano" literally means "guano, bat dung.". In 50s and 60s, there were special companies collecting bat droppings here, And do women's favorite cosmetics, as well as flowers, favorite fertilizer, and even explosives. The natural resources of Guano Point provided the necessary support for the local residents of Indian in 50s and 60s.When you look to the side of the canyon,A statue of an Indian chieftain stands in the gorge, one hand with a sharp spear and another hand pointing to the east. Under the blue sky and white clouds, he seemed to use a deep and loving voice saying------ "Child, take a closer look at the red canyon like our skin.! Know why we live here and use our lives to protect this place? Here are our spirits, our souls, and our faith! We will always take root in this land that belongs to us! The Grand Canyon is the home of our spirit! "

    The masterpiece of architecture, the skywalk, gives you a unique adventure in the canyon. Over 70 feet above the Grand Canyon edge, An all clear glass walkway in the open air, Visitors can walk in the air on the Colorado River 4000 feet above". Skywalk allow visitors to enjoy the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon from 720 degrees.

    Helicopter and boat
    Boarded a million dollar Mega window helicopter. The helicopter made its way through the canyon wall and dropped 4000 feet from the edge of the canyon to the valley floor, You will enjoy the breathtaking wonders and beauty of the grand canyon. Then transfer to boat along the Colorado river, Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificent scene of the grand canyon. After the end of the cruise, the helicopter will take you back to the edge of the canyon again, Continue to visit other attractions in the grand canyon.

    Helicopter (without landing)
    Boarded million dollars worth of super full view window helicopters, soar between the rocks of the canyon, cverlook the canyon millions of gullies, the colorful layers by layers are the memories that life can not miss. Want to better understand the scenery of West Rim, helicopter air travel (without landing) will be a better choice, a helicopter will take you to the grand canyon, enjoy the meandering Colorado river, Eagle Point, Guano Point extraordinary as if done by the spirits and has been hailed as the "eighth wonder of the world" the skywalk.
Grand Canyon West Rim
Grand Canyon Skywalk
Eagle Point
Guano Point


Grand Canyon West Admission -No meal
Self-paid Indian Meal optional (available when booking)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
Grand Canyon West Admission + Skywalk -No meal
Self-paid Indian Meal optional (available when booking)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
Grand Canyon West Admission + Helicopter (not descend bottom) -No meal
Self-paid Indian Meal optional (available when booking)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
Grand Canyon West Admission + Skywalk +Helicopter (not descend bottom) -No meal
(Include India Meal)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
Grand Canyon West Admission + Helicopter (descend bottom)& Boat -No meal
Self-paid Indian Meal optional (available when booking)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult
Grand Canyon West Admission + Skywalk +Helicopter(descend bottom)+boat -No meal
Self-paid Indian Meal optional (available when booking)
  • Adult

  • Child

    Same as Adult


Additional Indian Meal for surcharge (optional)
Indian Meal
  • Adult

  • Child


Departure & Return

Grand Canyon WestPeach Springs, AZ 86434
  • West Rim electronic ticket and Skywalk electronic ticket (Skywalk according to the items determined) Can be directly line up, scan code and enter the yard (can be shown by the mobile phone)
  • Helicopters and boats, "need print credentials", hold passport to the helicopter terminal queuing for check-in. The terminal is located on the left side of the Grand Canyon souvenir shop (the helicopter is determined by the project).
  • Grand Canyon West Admission/ + Skywalk is available for 30 days from your reservation, which means the customers can book the tickets for 10th August (or before) on 11th July. Please pay attention to the available date when ordering.
  • Confirmation voucher send by: email. Verification method: the printed or electronic confirmation voucher shall be provided on the spot. Please see the confirmation voucher for specific version requirements.

Includes & Excludes

  • All admissions
  • Options (Based on your different selection, the charge will be different. Admission ticket package only include the West Grand Canyon Admission)
  • Meals
  • Back and Forth Transportation


Optional activity prices in the excluded list is for reference only.


  • Once order is made, cannot be changed and cancelled.
  • Grand Canyon West is approximately 118 miles from Las Vegas, about a 2.5 hour drive each way
  • Please print and bring your voucher along with the attached Grand Canyon West Admission ticket(s)
  • The Sundance Helicopter Terminal is located on the left side of the Grand Canyon West Souvenir Store. Guests can present the voucher to check-in for the helicopter ride.
  • If you are confirmed for one of the helicopter tours, Guest needs to check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled flight time, first come, first serve basis
  • Sundance Helicopters has the right to change and cancel a flight should unexpected weather or other Acts of Gods occur. Should the flight cancel, guest will need to contact their travel agent in regards to any refunds, if applicable.
  • Helicopter and boat travel (not landing) activities optional time period: 09:00AM - 12:00PM, please note when you order the required period of time;
  • It is recommended that you make a reservation 3 working days before departure, We will complete your itinerary confirmation and information reply within 24 hours. In case of rush hour, will not exceed more than 3 working days. If sold out, we will provide you with other options or cancel the order.
  • Time zone Difference Warning: The state of Nevada uses US Pacific time and Arizona uses Mountain time. The two states time will be same when it is day light savings, and Arizona will be 1 hour ahead when it is non-day light saving time. All tourists must check their destination time before heading to destinations. We suggest you set the two time zones in your smart phone to avoid unintentional delays


  • Non-refundable reservations cannot be cancelled or modified once submitted.

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